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And that's not all...

In over 25 years of activity, we have translated documents of all types. They range from the technical documents for the Øresund Bridge to articles for National Geographic Magazine, parliamentary reports and the dialogues for video games. Every project is assigned to a translator who has the necessary expertise, interests and knowledge of the topic. There are also sectors in which we have gained in-depth background knowledge that makes us a go-to agency at global level.

Areas of specialization

And that's not all...

In over 25 years of activity, we have translated texts of all types. From adult websites to texts for National Geographic, from parliamentary reports to dialogues for video games, each project is entrusted to a translator whose interests and skills are well versed in the subject. However, it is undeniable that there are some areas where we have developed an in-depth background of knowledge that allows us to position ourselves as a global reference.

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With Artbook, you have a reliable business partner and professional contact for your company’s multilingual communications. Our linguists, who are all experts and specialists in their fields, use the best technologies to provide stylistically impeccable documents, using the terminology appropriate to the regulations in force in the destination countries. To help our clients produce and distribute documentation globally, we have an in-house graphics department, specialised in the production and management of multilingual texts.

We consider the client to be a partner whom we accompany in facing the challenges of the global market.

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