Financial, banking and insurance translations

At Artbook, we have a team dedicated exclusively to the translation of financial, banking and insurance documents. We guarantee the utmost confidentiality, compliance with regulations and use of the correct terminology. Our translators have vast experience in translating corporate communications and an in-depth knowledge of the specific terminology of global trade and financial reporting.


The financial sector encompasses the sensitive topics and complex situations of our society and of each and every one of us. We believe that it is essential to have this type of document translated by professionals who know precisely how to render the meaning of the source text in the target language, guaranteeing transparency and legal validity of the content. Every country has its own legal system and only people with knowledge of the legal field can overcome this challenge.


We know how important security and confidentiality are in the financial sector and we know that all the data, ideas and information communicated are strictly confidential. Guaranteeing a high level of discretion and building a relationship of trust that benefits all parties lays the foundations for a successful endeavour. That is why all of our collaborators, both internal and external, are required to sign a strict non-disclosure agreement.


Twenty-five years spent translating financial documents has taught us that punctuality is just as important as quality. Receiving a translation on time may be what allows a client to participate in a call for tenders, to obtain a loan or complete an acquisition. Delivering the translation on time is one of the cornerstones of our way of working and our clients also count on us for their most urgent projects.

We ensure excellence in this area by choosing translators with certified experience and providing them with appropriate technological tools and constant training. We know that every instruction, every conversion and every term must be treated carefully. Translating is not just transposing a sentence from one language to another. Translating means knowing the technical terms, the product characteristics and the conventions of a branched and specialised world.


Artbook uses state-of-the-art CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) systems to improve translator efficiency and reduce processing costs.
Client-specific translation memories and termbases help to ensure consistency and accuracy between different projects, resulting in shorter delivery times and reduced costs.


We manage each job as a comprehensive project, from setup to delivery, always keeping the focus on the client’s needs. We raise the level of quality and reduce times and costs by using dedicated software to create and update customised terminology databases. State-of-the-art technology in this industry allows translators to have real-time access to existing translations and specific glossaries, ensuring consistency over time, even on large projects.

Types of documents translated

  • Articles of Association

  • Audit reports

  • Bankruptcy documents

  • Business documents

  • Company Chamber of Commerce registration reports

  • Company incorporation documents

  • Company plans

  • Compliance reports

  • Contracts

  • Economic reports

  • Financial statements

  • Insurance documents

  • M&A documents

  • Market analysis

  • Memoranda of association

  • Public and private offers

  • Reports to shareholders

  • Statements of account

  • Tax reports

  • Tax disputes

  • Trademarks and patents

We consider the client to be a partner whom we accompany in facing the challenges of the global market.

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