What do I have to do to get a quote?

Simply fill in the request form on our website or contact one of our project managers by calling +39 010 2541137 directly.

How do you calculate a translation quote?

The quote is based on the word count of the source text.

How long will it take to estimate timescales and costs?

Quotes are usually prepared on the same day. To reduce the time taken to prepare a quote, please send the documents to be translated in electronic format if possible.



Are your translators native speakers of the language into which they translate?

Of course! We have professional translators all over the world. Our project managers assign projects to the most suitable native translator, in terms of target language and translation sector. For example, all our diving industry translators are practising divers.

In what formats can I provide the files to be translated?

Our software enables us to process most file types on the market. The most commonly-used formats are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, QuarkXpress, AutoCad and HTML.

I need a sworn translation, can you provide this service?

Yes. We provide all accessory services such as declarations, legalisations, apostilles, compliance certificates and consular visas.

You create terminology databases for each client, but what benefit does this give the client?

It saves time and money on future translations as phrases and terms that have already been translated in a previous project do not need to be translated again. Furthermore, clients can outline exactly which terminology is to be used in their projects and with the database this terminology is always available.

My documents are extremely confidential. Can you guarantee confidentiality?

We are a professional company and take good care of our clients and all documentation entrusted to us. We operate in full compliance with privacy legislation and maintain the strictest confidentiality on all our projects. Furthermore, all colleagues, be they internal staff or external suppliers, are contractually bound to keep all the information they deal with confidential.



Do you provide a graphic design service?

We can provide a graphic layout and design service for documents in all languages required. If clients already use a different graphic design company we can translate the page layout as provided by that company and change the language on the layout itself.

Can you help me print documents with non-Latin characters such as Arabic, Chinese or Russian?

Of course! Our graphic designers can prepare the print files by following the technical specifications of the letterset chosen by the client, or we can put clients in touch with typographers we work with on a regular basis.

Our layouts were created with an Apple® system. Would that be a problem?

We deal with documents created in an Apple® environment on a regular basis. Simply provide us with the source files and relevant fonts, in addition to any linked images.