The experience we have gained in the multiple sectors of translations allows us to manage all types of documents. We routinely translate into over 50 languages and collaborate with thousands of translators around the world, native speakers selected for each individual project based on the target language and specialization. Qualified project managers manage each job as a global project, from set-up to delivery, always remaining available to meet the client’s needs. To raise the level of quality and reduce time and costs, we use dedicated software to create and update customized terminology databases for each client. The latest technology in the industry allows translators to have real-time access to existing translations and specific terminology to ensure consistency across time, even on large projects.

Professional Native Translators

Our translators are selected according to extremely strict criteria. They must have a high level of educational and professional background to ensure a flawless service from start to finish. All texts are assigned to native speakers who specialize in the subject matter of the text to be translated. This assignment criterion allows us to ensure the correct understanding of the texts to be translated in multiple areas and to provide accurate translations using the appropriate terminology.

Native translators

Areas of specialization

Technical Translations
Financial Translations
Legal Translations
Underwater industry translations
Naval Translations
Food translations
Fashion and clothing translations
Scientific and pharmaceutical translations
And that's not all...

In over 25 years of activity, we have translated documents of all types. They range from the technical documents for the Øresund Bridge to articles for National Geographic Magazine, parliamentary reports and the dialogues for video games. Every project is assigned to a translator who has the necessary expertise, interests and knowledge of the topic. There are also sectors in which we have gained in-depth background knowledge that makes us a go-to agency at global level.

Language combinations

– Albanian
– Arabic
– Azerbaijani
– Bengali
– Belarusian
– Bosnian
– Bulgarian
– Burmese
– Catalan
– Czech
– Chinese
– Singhalese
– Korean
– Croatian

– Danish
– Hebrew

– Estonian
– Farsi
– Filipino
– Finnish
– French
– Japanese
– Greek
– Hindi
– Indonesian
– English
– Irish
– Icelandic

– Italian
– Khmer
– Latvian

– Lithuanian
– Malaysian
– Maltese
– Marathi
– Montenegrin
– Nepalese
– Norwegian
– Dutch
– Polish
– Portuguese
– Romanian

– Russian
– Serbian
– Slovak

– Slovenian
– Spanish
– Swedish
– Taiwanese
– Tamil
– German
– Thai
– Turkish
– Ukrainian
– Hungarian
– Vietnamese
Other languages on request

For us the customer is a partner to accompany in the challenges of the global market.

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