Why don’t you provide an e-commerce service to purchase translations online?

The reason why we do not provide an e-commerce service to purchase translations online

It is essential to view the document first in order to provide a high-quality translation within the necessary times and costs.
There are many variables to consider, not all of which can be quantified using algorithms to formulate an online quote.
Before preparing a proposal, it is necessary to view the document, in order to choose the right team of translators for the topic, assess the translation times, check whether the client uses their own terminology, assess the target readers and the document distribution methods. These are just a few of the questions that our project managers ask themselves when they receive a document to be translated.
In addition, we also create translation memories for all our clients, using dedicated software, something that allows us not only to maintain a uniform style and terminology, but also to reduce the times and costs. If we were to use an automated quote calculation system, clients would not receive the discounts reserved to them.
Last but not least, it is necessary to assess the nature of the documents to be translated. They could have test inserted as images, parts that do not need to be translated, parts to leave in the original language and others to be translated, or require layout in InDesign rather than for the web, etc.
Our project managers check every single document received, using their experience and skills to formulate the best proposal to satisfy your expectations.
We consider the client to be a partner whom we accompany in facing the challenges of the global market.

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